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Saturday, February 12, 2011

9/30 New Kids on the Blog

I am posting at 11:30 pm so that I am only one or two days behind instead of three days. And Kendi only posted her day 10 outfit today. And I go by official Kendi time. So I am only a day behind. Whew.

I decided to "exchange" some of my items. I know this isn't in the rules. And there will be those who will call me a cheater and a bad remixer. And to them I say "Haters gonna hate."

Seriously though. I started this remix for a reason. Well, many reasons actually. You can see my previous post here if you want the full list. The most important reason is to teach me to work with what I've got. And I think I got lost a little bit. I saw a bunch of cute style bloggers and wanted to recreate what they wore. Instead of being true to who I am and what my style is. I let this influence my decisions when I shouldn't have.

So today, I reevaluated my clothes. I decided it wouldn't be fair to exchange an item I had already worn. And surprisingly I had worn a lot of my items. 19 to be exact. I tried things on and really looked at what was already in my remix and what was still in my closet. I decided to change out 6 items all together. I didn't picture a pair of black booties that I ordered pre-remix. They came, I just haven't worn them yet. And I'll be sure to point out the new items when I wear them.

Like right now. The first new item is the shirt I am wearing today. A Gap tuxedo shirt I picked up at the after Christmas sale for $5. You've seen the black skinnies from Target and my Deena and Ozzy booties.

The other items are:
The boot cut jeans you saw yesterday
Red cardi - Target
BCBG gray sweater - Thrifted
Bright pink skirt - Thrifted and refashioned
BCBG black and white polka dot - Marshall's ages ago
White tuxedo shirt - Gap

I just felt like for me to get the most out of this, I needed to have a more workable wardrobe. And let's be honest. No one is going to die because I made some changes. Or at least I hope not.

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