"Believe in your heart, follow your dreams or just go to Disneyland." Emma -age 4

Sunday, February 20, 2011


When I wore this outfit I asked my husband if he liked it. He said he liked everything but the skirt. Which is what makes the outfit in my opinion. But it got me to thinking. I didn't wear skinny jeans for forever because I'm not what you would call "skinny." And I didn't think I could wear them. This past winter I was at Target and they had some on sale for $15. How can you go wrong with that? You can't. And it turns out I loved them. They are super comfortable and look great with boots. So while I want to wear things that my husband likes, that's not the most important thing. I want to wear clothes that I like. I want to own clothes that make me feel good.

I think it all comes down to being comfortable with you are. Right now. Not after you lose 10 pounds or a new wardrobe later. If you think you look good, then other people will too.

Confidence really is the best accessory.

Outfit Details
BCBG blouse - Marshall's
Skirt - thrifted and refasioned
Seychelles Booties - eBay