"Believe in your heart, follow your dreams or just go to Disneyland." Emma -age 4

Monday, February 14, 2011


I really have no words today. My insomnia has been bad this week. So I am tired. And I have a worked a lot the last couple of weeks which I'm not used to. Which is sad. Because I know so many of you work full time, raise kids, blog, create and do a ton of other things too. Y'all have super powers I do not. So I will just leave you with a "Happy Valentime's Day" as my sweet girls would say, and I will be back tomorrow.

Outfit Details
BCBG polka dot shirt -new 30x30 item- Marshall's years ago
Denim skirt - Thrifted and refashioned
Red Cardi - Target
Gray Boots - Target

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