"Believe in your heart, follow your dreams or just go to Disneyland." Emma -age 4

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I was going to post a recipe tonite but something happened instead. I took the dogs out in the front yard to do what dogs need to do and I looked up. I don't know about you but I often forget to do that. To just look up and marvel at creation. The stars. But it wasn't the stars I saw. First a preface.

This is a picture of me and my best childhood friend Carmel. We were born exactly one year and one day apart. It was like we were meant to be friends. We grew up in the same town but grew apart as our lives took us down different paths. We remained friends and every year I would think of her and sometimes talk to her on our birthdays. Almost 7 years ago Carmel had a heart attack and passed away.

One year when we were in our teens we took a trip to Taos. Our favorite thing to do was to take a blanket out late at night and lie down and stargaze. On one night we looked up and saw something different. It looked like a star but it was moving very slowly in an arc. We knew it wasn't a plane and it was much to slow to be a shooting star. Since we didn't know what it was, we named it an 'aimless wanderer.' It was childish and romantic and perfect. That is until my mom burst our bubble and told us it was just a satellite.

When I looked up tonite I saw one. An 'aimless wanderer.' And it made me miss her. But I know she waiting for me. And the day when I am called home and we can stargaze together again.


  1. That makes me want to cry, and is one of the sweetest things I have read.

  2. I agree with Carrie. Thinking about you, friend. Love you!

  3. Thank you both dear friends. It is cathartic to write some things. And this was one of them.

  4. aw. this post was so sad, but beautiful.
    and it made me think of my best friend.