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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Butter Chicken

This recipe is so tasty! And that's where I first heard of the recipe. The PW posted it to her Tasty Kitchen blog. I made it for the first time and Jason and I about died it was so good. I serve it over plain rice. I always mean to serve it with Naan but forget at the last minute to make it. And I always mean to serve it with a veggie but can't think of what would be good with this. Steamed green something.

I make a few changes to the recipe. I use 6 chicken breasts instead of 4. There is always a lot of sauce and it will go to waste. And you don't want that. I have used a lemon instead of the lime that it calls for and have come to prefer it that way. I can't BELIEVE this recipe calls for a pint of heavy cream. There is just no way it needs that much. I use maybe a tablespoon. I just splash some in until it looks right. And I would NOT substitute half and half. I have found that when using it with tomatoes the half and half tends to curdle a little. I think the extra fat in heavy cream doesn't do that. It's not that much, so just use the good stuff! You won't be sorry.

Once everything is mixed together I take the breasts out and slice them and then put them back into the sauce. It makes the chicken go a little farther and it is easier to eat. If you like Indian food give this a try. And don't be like me and forget to make the Naan and veggies!

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  1. I've thought about making this more than once, but have yet to actually do it. You've inspired me to try it out.